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  Our History
First Federal was founded in September 1921 by ten local businessmen and was called Edwardsville Loan Association.  Our first office was located in the Vanzo building and later moved to the Edwardsville National Bank building and shared  offices with Madison County Mutual Insurance.  In October 1947 the name was changed to Edwardsville Savings and Loan.  The Western Auto Store at 140 North Main in Edwardsville was purchased in 1948 and completely remodeled for the home office which we moved into 1949.  That building remains virtually the same today.
 The association was granted the first and only Federal Charter in Edwardsville in 1959. The name of the association was changed to First Federal that year.  In 1963 the association purchased the Colonial Hotel and Dippold Bros.  Elevator and construction on this building began in 1965 and was opened to the public in 1966.  The association has been managed and directed by local businessmen through the years and still is today.  We have been a very successful business and this has been made possible by the management, employees and directors through the past 80 years.  We would like for you to meet those who are now carrying on that tradition.



back: Jeanette Schuster, Linda Werner, Debbie Duvall.
middle: Carol Wallace, Cathy Brandt, Jeanne Opel, Debbie Durbin.  front : Don Engelke, Larry Mosby



Nina Baird
Harry Gallatin
Don Engelke
Joseph Helms
Larry W. Mosby
Dean Pletcher
Robert W. Richards
Joseph G. Stevens


Dr. Joseph Helms     -Chairman of the Board
Larry Mosby             -President
Don Engelke            -V.P./Treasurer
Cathy Brandt            -Loan Officer
Linda Werner           -Secretary

Home Mortgage Rates Savings Rates Privacy Customer Identification Contact Us

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